Client: IBM
Status: Shipped
Year: 2016

UX/UI & Branding work for IBM Watson Research Center energy software

Utopus Insights offers an integrated Saas/IoT analytics platform and an ecosystem of world-class applications. This technology leverages a corpus of over 200 patents and is currently deployed at leading utilities. Utopus Insights is a new start up grew out of IBM Watson Research Center. Their expertise was forged over a 15-year period through collaborative work with leading energy companies.

We were working with IBM Watson Research engineers to rebuild this state-of-art digital energy solution platform. We integrated UX designs with coherent branding to products and platform. We delivered newly constructed UXs, brand style guides, customized icons and UI annotations. This research based platform is converted to a full MVP commercial product and launched as independent new start up.


- UX lead
- Art direction
- Information architecture
- Product re-build



As a company grew out of IBM Watson Research Center, we did a light workshop on branding, iterated on company names and logos, produced a series of brand related contents.

Company Name: Utopus Insights
Platform Name: MAESTROS
Product Name: GRID Pulse / HYPER Cast



Product I

Product II


GRID PULSE is the industry’s most precise and intuitive asset intelligence system providing actionable insights for the entire grid. Utilities waste as much as 70% of their budget on sub-optimal asset decisions and this product can change that.

Accurately calculates the “true electrical age” of every asset. And Quickly determines “network risk” to understand the up and downstream risk implications of each asset.

Highly flexible data curation engine facilitates automated import of incomplete and imperfect data. Intuitive data visualization and navigation provide a new level of intelligence to asset planning.

Map view provides a drill down interactive process for asset manager to check on specific asset in specific location or region.

Navigate through Region, Substation, Circuits and Assets Class based on Health Score and Consequence. List View gives user freedom to switch between different levels of data and information without a hierarchical drill down process. Assets manager can jump right into the assets which needs attention.

Preset panel offers asset managers to set up different risk assessment templates and apply the pre-set to the assets under their management. Flexible data curation engine provides proactive planning, accurately calculates the “true electrical age” of every asset.

HYPER CAST turns renewable forecasting into a reliable science and provides day-ahead forecasts that are twice as accurate as the rest of the industry.

Proprietary hyper-local weather forecasting with 16x resolution than industry practice. Specialized forecasts for wind and solar farms, including wake turbulence modeling and cloud cover. Leveraging deep machine learning techniques to reduce forecast error.

A more accurate renewable forecast means energy companies can balance energy more effectively, bid energy more con dently and reduce wasteful spinning reserves.


We created the full range of UI assets based on the art direction and branding of the new company. Every single design elements were annotated in details for handover and style guide.

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