Interactive Experiments

Design is a speculative mind game. Making is a way of thinking, connecting seemingly irrelevant dots, discovering new potentials and territories. Intelligence itself usually appears to be cloudy, blurry, whimsical, sparkly. Craftsmanship moulds these sparkles into products, conclusions, results and pieces.

The role, title and responsibility of a designer is constantly changing through out the history, but the making and craftsmanship behind it never changed. I've being tinkering with sensors, hardwares, dabble some codes to investigate interactions, behaviors and scenarios.

Pulse Wall

Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture Headquarter Office Interactive Wall

I designed and executed this interactive touch wall located in BCGDV headquarter’s reception area.

The interactive reception installation revolves around four information “touch points” for visitors to discover when entering the headquarter office. The conductive paint buttons located on the wall act as touch controls for the projection. 

The first installment is using these four touch points to reveal different infographics and data to introduce BCGDV. For the second installment, we convert four touch points into a game controller: classic Space Invaders arcade game with a playful BCGDV twist.

Pulse Cube

Boston Consulting Group Digital Venture Headquarter Office Interactive Cube

To create awareness of the activity around the office, I created an interactive "Pulse Map”, a desktop cube. A floor plan of the BCGDV headquarter office is rasterized on top of the cube, with 5 diagonal dashes cross on top is which shows abstracted activity through specific sensor points scattered throughout the floor. The map tracks the motion activity throughout the office space which creates a visual representation of people are the true pulse of DV. When each sensor is activated via people movement, it creates a pulsating glow on the dashes that intensifies as activity increases.

Five sensors are installed among the office, covering different working spaces and public spaces.

Five sensors are installed among the office, covering different working spaces and public spaces.


Mephisto is a physical installation which explores the integration of the physical environment with the media environment through the limited palette of one physical sensor: the potentiometer and one media effector: video. This project explores the possibilities under heavy media constrains. The potentiometer is attached to a champagne glass as a physical input. The output is a series of “schizophrenia like” video projection.

The Stage

The Stage of Everything - Thesis Installation

The third part of my thesis is the installation for thesis exhibition. 8 stages were set up to show phase II feature films. 5 of them were shown on interactive iPads. iPads track individuals’ face position and jaw movement and act accordingly, but also act slightly different sometime. This installation aims to bring “life” to our regular devices, and imagining the future merchandises that come with customizable personality.

more projects

More Projects