The third part of my thesis is the installation for thesis exhibition. 8 stages were set up to show phase II feature films. 5 of them were shown on interactive iPads. iPads track individuals’ face position and jaw movement and act accordingly, but also act slightly different sometime. This installation aims to bring “life” to our regular devices, and imagining the future merchandises that come with customizable personality.  
Early Prototypes
Early test of the installation tries to make daily objects “alive” and responding to music. Early prototype of the face tracking iPads was using eyeballs. When devices are trying to mimic us, we are also trying to mimic devices in order to get our face tracked. Narcissism exist in our nature and we someone or something following us, like our pet dog or cat. It is a learning process for both our pet and us to communicate with each other, it can be frustrating, fuzzy, problematic, but the end result can be very rewarding.  What if we can do the same thing with our devices?