Acknowledgements / Credit
These projects and paper were completed in fulfilment of 2015 MFA Thesis at Media Design Practices, Art Center College of Design. 

Lead Advisor :  Ben Hooker
Thesis Committee :  Elise Co, Phil van Allen, Mike Milley
Writing Advisor :  Mimi Zeiger
Department Chair :  Anne Burdick
I would like to thank all the Faculty and Staff at Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design: Anne Burdick, Ben Hooker, Elise Co, Phil van Allen, Tim Durfee, Casey Anderson, and Kevin Wingate.

Thanks to my peers:
Jay Hong, HyunJu Chappell, Amanda Stojanov, Josh Bookman, Christine Meinders for their extraordinary talents and unconditional help with my filming and installation.

It has been a fantastic journey – THAKN YOU ALL!